‘Inspired by Ridley Scott’s hauntingly prescient 1985 film - 'Blade Runner', which presented an unforgettable vision of the Los Angeles of the future, Realstreets - 'City Running', is the first artwork in history to attempt the technique of one continuous shot, captured in future time, entirely on location in the streets of Brighton - using heavy duty 180 degree Parkour leap action. Don't blink!’

‘From the 'irrationally superrealist' (Dependent on Sunday) and 'magically metamorphic' (Gotham Gazette) world of one of Brighton's most inventive artist ensembles, known as REALSTREETS, comes this interpretation of Greg Daville’s extraordinary exploration - 'City Running'… a spellbinding glimpse into the future of Brighton, captured in 2056.’

Jemma Packett, Patron of the Digital Arts