REALSTREETS began in 2000, as an ambitious art and commercial project. The project has involved very substantial data processing in which thousands of images have been digitally corrected, edited and processed to produce a comprehensive, interactive and navigable street-by-street tableau.

REALSTREETS has been piloted in the UK in Brighton and Hove and has now moved to London (King’s Cross area) and Edinburgh.

In the longer term the project will be expanded to cover approximately 20 UK towns and cities.

At the core of the REALSTREETS experience is a precise, high resolution virtual/photographic representation of a city centre, which provides a completely a new insight and experience of a city.

From the start of the REALSTREETS venture, the imagery that has developed, demands attention. It has re-awakened a new consciousness of a familiar urban architecture and created a collective excitement. The product of a business venture has entered the domain of art.

REALSTREETS made its first public appearance within the Brighton Festival in May 2003. The street scenes generated by the project were displayed at over ten sites within the city centre, via conventional printed imagery, large-scale projection installations and a dedicated exhibition at the Brighton Artists Gallery. Some of the images continue to be publicly displayed at numerous locations within Brighton and Hove.

Digital artwork that has also emerged from the REALSTREETS content has further interpreted and extended the images. This work has acquired a separate aesthetic life of its own and has allowed the development of further avenues of artistic exploration.

In its visual and data driven description of the city, REALSTREETS provides a representation that is built over time. It can represent a virtual snapshot of history, but can also be used to promote a city or envisage its future.